Established in the year 2003, Element94 is assistimg organizations to leverage their Knowledge Capital providing services for Content Conversion, Content Re- Purposing, Content Accessibility and Content Monetisation. We bring an unique understanding of content ecosystems to evangelize enterprise-wide content strategy which include who, what, when, where and why content is created, shared and consumed.

Our Expertise

Creating Video Tutorials for Employee Training, On-boarding sessions, Corporate & Executive communications

Converting Books into Video Courses for Online Learning Marketplaces

Converting Product Brochures to Product Videos for Prospective Buyers

Converting Print User Manuals to Video Manuals in multiple languages

Creating Communication Videos for aligning corporate strategy and vision using Townhall & Leadership recordingss

Creating Video Documentation for Social Projects using Ethnic Photography and Video Stories

Developing Investor Video Pitch for Start-ups based on the Core Ideas & Innovations

Developing Video Content for Social Media Campaigns using Customer Testimonials, Reviews and Articles

Converting E-Learning Courses developed in Adobe Flash into HTML5