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    Practice School Automation System
    Automation of key activities of the Practice School process
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    Practice School Automation System
    Simplified Management
    of key activities of the Practice School process
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    Practice School Automation System
    Single window access to all the relevant information
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    Practice School Automation System
    Real time information publishing through
    system alerts and notifications
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    Practice School Automation System
    Multi-Campus Management

About the System

Practice School (Summer Internship) establishes an continuous round the year relationship of an Institute with the Industry.
The Student benefits from the opportunity to work & learn in real professional environment , The faculty/Institute can interact with the industry for various research related works.

Our Solution provides a very user friendly & efficient solution for managing the Practice School (Summer Internship) for Students.
The Solutions automates both the PS-I and PS-II from Student Registration, Faculty Management,Organisation Management, Allotment of Student & Faculty, Joining,Orientation of Students at Organisation, Evaluation of Students, Project Synopsis & Submission, Grade Allotment along with Communication and MIS Reports.

System Modules

Our cloud enabled Practice School Automation System comprises of 9 main Modules


PS-1 and PS-II - Planning
& Organization Management

  • Proposing new PS Stations & managing Stations
  • Communicating with organization & faculty
  • Discipline wise Stations Requirement Analysis

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Student Registration,
Preference & Interest Mapping

  • Student Registration & Semester Preference
  • Semester & Interests Preference based on discipline
  • Resume with Technical & Non Technical Skills

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Academic & Admin
Faculty Management

  • Managing of Off/On Campus Faculties
  • Assigning Academic & Admin Faculties to Stations
  • Faculty Dashboard

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Problem Banks,
Projects & Allotment Modules

  • Gathering of Consent, Problem Banks & Projects
  • Student wise - Discipline Wise Requirement
  • Announce - Projects, Facilities & Stipend

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Student - Project Preference
& Allotment Module

  • Taking Students Project preference & priorities
  • Station allotment based on preference & eligibility
  • Handling of Student Grievances

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Student Joining
at Organization & Evaluation

  • Joining, Orientation of Students at Organization
  • Evaluation of students for all components
  • Mid Term and Final Grading of Students

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Project& Feedback

  • Filling of Synopsis & Uploading of Projects by Student
  • Faculty rating of each Synopsis
  • Feedback by Faculty, Student and Mentors

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& Communication

  • Centralized administration of both PS-I & PS-II
  • Tracking and Managing each Process
  • Email & Sms Notifications

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Analytics & Statistics

  • MIS for Deans and Directors
  • MIS for Planning, Administration and QA
  • MIS for overall functioning of Practice School for PS-I PS-II

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System Benefits

The system removes the necessity of using paper for communication, the notifications and alerts are now sent electronically
and can be tracked very easily with facility for setting reminders.

Process Kit

The system comes with pre-built process kit that is the training and Practice School of higher education institution in India.

Comprehensive Reporting

In-depth reports provide real time information about Stations, Projects and Student Allotment . Practice School metrics is also generated on-the fly.

Ready to Deploy solution

The cloud based system comes with pre-built process-kit, report center and profiler. This reduces the adoption time from months to just weeks.

Cost Saving

Reduced cost of running the Practice School process with maximum impact.

Multi-Campus Management

One solution for multi-campus set-up each having different suite of policies.

Bridge Applications

Easy integration with existing ERPs.

Multilevel Security

Authorized access for distinct personnel according to the pre-defined roles.

Web Based

Customized web-based solution for easy access from anywhere across the globe.

Center of Operational Excellence

The Practice School Automation System has been developed by Centre of Operational Excellence @ Element94.

The Centre of Operational Excellence focuses on seamless adoption of ICT in automating some of the key administrative processes that the institution's team executes everyday like Admissions, Examinations, Placements, Session Management etc. The centre has developed various. Ready-to-Deploy Systems for Educational Institutions.

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