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    Campus Placement ERP
    Automation of key activities of the placement process
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    Campus Placement Process Automation System
    Simplified Management
    of key activities of the placement proces
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    Campus Placement Process Automation System
    Single window access to all the relevant information
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    Campus Placement Process Automation System
    Real time information publishing through
    system alerts and notifications
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    Campus Placement Process Automation System
    Multi-Campus Management

About the System

Today campus placement activities have evolved to much more involved exercises between the institute’s placement cells and
recruiting managers from corporate world. Our cloud enabled Campus Placement Process Automation system provides a comprehensive management solution for the placement process. It automates the entire placement process right from student management, job-postings, job process, communicating with recruiters, scheduling, reporting and administration.

Solution has in-built process kit which can enable
your placement cell to adopt best-in-class placement process life-cycle to manage placement cell activities.

System Modules

Our cloud enabled placement process management system comprises of 6 main Modules


Student Registration
for Placement

  • Student Registration and Profile updating
  • Student Resume Creation and Management

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Company Database
& Recruiter Activity

  • Company Database Management
  • Company Invitation, Pitching and Follow-Ups
  • Scheduling of Companies for Placement Drive

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Job Posting, Job Process
& Job Offers

  • Making Jobs live from JAFs
  • Shortlist Students and Manage Job Process
  • Student Job Offers & Applying

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& Notifications

  • General & Job Related Announcements
  • SMS & email Notifications
  • Communicate with Faculty

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Placements Feedback by
Organizations & Students

  • Recruiter Feedback for Each Job Profile
  • Feedback Analysis
  • Student Feedback

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Real-time Analytics
& Statistics

  • MIS Reports
  • Dashboard

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System Benefits

The system removes the necessity of using paper for communication, the notifications and alerts are now sent electronically
and can be tracked very easily with facility for setting reminders.

Process Kit

The system comes with pre-built process kit that is widely used by the training and placement cell of higher education institutions in India.

Comprehensive Reporting

In-depth reports provide real time information about short listing, selections and candidates remaining for selection. Placement metrics is also generated on-the fly.

Ready to Deploy solution

The cloud based system comes with pre-built process-kit, report center and profiler. This reduces the adoption time from months to just weeks.

Cost Saving

Reduced cost of running the placement process with maximum impact.

Multi-Campus Management

One solution for multi-campus set-up each having different suite of policies.

Bridge Applications

Easy integration with existing ERPs.

Multilevel Security

Authorized access for distinct personnel according to the pre-defined roles.

Web Based

Customized web-based solution for easy access from anywhere across the globe.


Center of Operational Excellence

The Campus Placement Process Automation System has been developed by Centre of Operational Excellence @ Element94.

The Centre of Operational Excellence focuses on seamless adoption of ICT in automating some of the key administrative processes that the institution's team executes everyday like Admissions, Examinations, Placements, Session Management etc. The centre has developed various. Ready-to-Deploy Systems for Educational Institutions.

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